The Most Helpful Apps for Students

It’s (almost) an application for everything and this can make student life easier, cheaper and safer. You may need assistance with taking notes, revising and waking up in time or exercising take a look at our selection of apps specifically designed to assist students…

1. Lecture capture apps

Not too long ago students who attended lectures were required to spend the all day scribbling in a flurry on notepads, in order not to miss a crucial piece of information. But then, technology came along which has made the lecture capture apps have become becoming a reality. Although recording lectures has been an accepted practice in universities for some time but now, these applications allow you to record and replay classes without needing to shell out any extra cash on costly recording equipment.

SoundNote (iOS) can be a popular lecture capture app for iPad users. It can function as a notepad and audio recorder It allows you to save the entire lecture in audio and a visual form. If it’s a whiteboard that you wish to capture, however, Office Lens allows users the ability to photograph whiteboards, transform it into it into a PDF, Word or PowerPoint file and save all details in OneNote or OneDrive for revision or catch-up purposes.

Other other than SoundNote Other high-quality tools for recording lectures include Notes Plus (iOS) and Audio Memos Free – The Voice Recorder (iOS).

2. Revision applications

The revision app has become the limelight this century and it is clear that technology has made it possible to do what we imagined possible: making revision fun.More Here At our site

If you’re an avid flash card addict, you might want to consider StudyBlue the student application which uses your course information to build a set of cards sets to help with revision. You can also create your personal flashcards as well as test yourself.

Another app that can be useful for revision is GoConqr, which offers resources to create revision charts mind maps, flash cards including notes and quizzes in addition to the ability to connect and collaborate to classmates, colleagues or students from around the globe. Another choice for revision is Exam Countdown (iOS), that keeps track of how many days remain until your exams.

3. Exam Prep apps

Also, student apps are to help with exams like test-taking apps for MCAT, GMAT, LSAT and GRE tests which are taken by many graduate schools as part of applying for admission. BenchPrep offers social networking functionality which lets users connect to other test takers and browse the revision materials including quizzes and notes and more. Additionally, you can utilize the app to keep track the progress of your learning.

TCY Exam Prep (Android) is a different exam preparation application aimed at students studying for business degrees in India and the US. It includes study materials including GRE, MBA/CAT tests Bank exams, GATE and GRE.

4. Student planner apps

The importance of organization is crucial to success and wellbeing at university, and student planner apps are getting more and more popular. Apart from saving sheets of paper, many planner apps can also send reminders and alerts straight to your mobile or mobile device.

Popular student planner apps comprise Timetable (Android) the app that has a clean and clear interface. You are able to organize your timetable without difficulty. For more traditional planners for students, you can consider apps which have a more traditional, spreadsheet-style layout, such as My Class Schedule (Android) or Timetable (iOS). Timetable (iOS).

5. Bibliography helper apps

If you’ve ever been tasked with writing up a hefty bibliography, then you’ll appreciate how much effort goes into making sure that you’ve put all the relevant information in the appropriate places in the proper format. EasyBib is a highly useful app for students, which can create an academic reference for any book simply from a scan of your book’s barcode. Because the style of referencing for bibliographies differs based on where you study, EasyBib offers referencing in MLA, APA and Chicago styles. Simply take a picture of the barcode or type the title of the book on your device, and you’re done! Professional referencing is now accomplished!

6. Video call apps

Students are likely to be acquainted with video-calling software like Skype and FaceTime at present and this technology is becoming even more accessible as companies incorporate the highest quality cameras in their products and internet connectivity speeds get quicker. As technology advancements improve as does the features available on smaller devices. Utilizing FaceTime using an iPhone has become as easy as making a phone call, while Skyping on a tablet lets you cook dinner/browse the web/compose your text while speaking to your parents at home. Other video calling apps include imo and Tango.

For helpful tips on how you can conduct an efficient Skype interview (for the purpose of a job, internship or admissions interview) go through this blog article.

7. Apps to protect students

Many apps intended for students has been developed to enhance personal security and safety. They are designed to be used both on and off campus. These student apps ensure that users are safe when they go out in the dark. Its Circle of Six app works on both Android and iOS and was made for students in universities to stay in touch with their closest friends. This app is particularly helpful to find lost friends during nights out and also allows users to give their circle of six buddies an instant request for assistance at the press of a button. The GPS tracker records your location on buddies’ devices, which means you’ll always be able to find one another if necessary. Other student apps that promote safety include bSafe and React Mobile.

You can read about more Student Health and Safety apps here.

8. Wake-up apps

If you happen to be a frequent snoozer and wakes up 20 minutes over the course of the lecture the Alarmy app: Sleep If You Can is the application for you. Alarmy is an alarm application intended for students. It asks users to complete tasks (such like taking a photograph of a specific object or shaking the phone up and down a number of times) before the alarm shuts itself off. It’s not just that you’re awake and ready to go, but Alarmy will also inform you of the latest weather update so you can determine whether to pack an umbrella prior to leaving.

As a result, Sleep Cycle aims to correct its users’ sleeping patterns by awakening them when they are in their most sleepy phase. The app does this by tracking both movement and duration of the time the user went sleep. The result is that you’ll be less tired in the morning, and you may also be able to get an additional 10 minutes of breakfast.

Learn more about managing your time effectively here.

9. Responsible-drinking apps

It’s possible that you’re a student however that doesn’t need be the reason you’re reckless when you drink alcohol. The app for responsible drinking WiseDrinking analyzes how much you’ve had to drink, gives you advice on what is secure, and informs you about what is the best time for calling for a taxi, and even maps your location relative to public transportation services.

Through inputs that include gender and weight as well as height, the application calculates blood alcohol levels (BAC) quantities by formulating the amount, the type and duration of alcohol consumed and what the last meal was. Although the app’s accuracy is dependent on user input and it is not intended to be used as a guideline, WiseDrinking can help you to remain conscious of the amount you consume as well as provide you with guidance should you feel a little worse you feel.

10. Fun fitness apps

For those who think that running is boring the application Zombies, Run! is a great (and amusing) method of motivating yourself when jogging. The app plays your own playlists of music and audio depicting a zombie apocalypse, in which you need to run to avoid being infected. The app is more than just a bit terrifying sure, but for a very intense workout it’s hard to beat!

If you’d like to keep your fitness routine zombie-free other fitness apps include Nike Training Club (iOS), Sworkit, Fitbit (iOS), JeFit, RunKeeper as well as Strava, the 7-Minute Workout and MapMyFitness. If you choose to buy them all, Nudge is another application that collects all your fitness information and puts it in one location. This allows you to monitor your diet, exercise, hydration and sleepwithout having to check the progress reports for each app.

11. Apps for healthy eating

If you’re keen to eat healthy and stay within a budget for college, you may want to consider downloading several healthy food apps. Examples I’ve come across which are ideal for learners include Rockin Ramen (iOS), an app designed for students, offering various healthy recipes that use ramen as the main ingredient, as well as MealBoard (iOS), an app that lets you plan nutritious meals, grocery shop and recipes in accordance with what’s in your refrigerator. It is possible to learn more about the brain food items you should eat when you’re revising here.

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