How to Create The Perfect Essay

If you’re considering studying English or a subject within Arts and Humanities at university there will be an abundance of essay writing. This is an art to master since it requires both creativity and rational planning. However, if you follow these things each time you write an essay, you’ll be well on your way to success:

1. Plan

It could be time-consuming but if you come up with an effective plan, you’ll be able to save yourself time when it comes to creating your essay. This is because you’ll know precisely where your answer will be headed and won’t push yourself into the wrong direction. Do not fret if you’re stuck at first , just record the thoughts you’re having and chances are the rest will follow. I find it simpler to draw a mind map in which each new ‘bubble depicting one of my main paragraphs. Then, I make quotations that will help me in my analysis around the bubble.

For example, if I was attempting to answer « How much is the character of Curley’s spouse depicted as person of victimization in Of Mice and Men? It might be a good idea to create the mind map in like this:

It is possible to continue adding to the plan by crossing things out and linking the different bubbles as you discover connections between them.At site ventsmagazine from Our Articles While you might not have time to draw an elaborate outline during circumstances of examination, it could be helpful just to sketch out a short one, including a few essential words, so you aren’t frightened and get off the topic when writing your essay. If you’re not fond of the mindmap style it is possible to find alternatives to pick from: You can design a table or flowchart, or simply the list of bullet points.

2. Create a clear structure

It is important to think about this when are planning. Your essay will be akin to an argument or a speech. It needs to have a coherent structure, in which all your points come together to address the question. Begin with the basics. it is best to choose the most important points that can become the main paragraphs. Three main paragraphs can be a good quantity for an essay that you will need to pass because you are being pressured to submit your work in time. Plan your essay in a order that is »YES » (agreement of the question) as well as (another « YES » argument) But (disagreement or complications) If you’re in agreement with the entire question, or YES – BUT – And if you disagree. This is to ensure you’re always focused on your argument and that you don’t wander too far from the topic.

As an example, you can create this Of Mice and Men sample problem as follows:

What is the extent to which the character of Curley’s spouse portrayed as a subject in Of Mice and Men?’

  • Yes, descriptive descriptions of her physical appearance
  • As well as – the opinions of other people toward her
  • However, her status as the sole woman on the ranch gives her strength to use her feminine qualities to gain advantage

If you wanted to write a more lengthy essay it is possible to include additional paragraphs in the ‘YES/AND’ section, perhaps talking about the ways in which Curley’s wife is vulnerable and fears and shares her hopes and fears with other characters; on the contrary, you could add more length to your essay by adding another « BUT » paragraph regarding her cruel and manipulative streak.

Of however, this’s not necessarily the only option for answering this essay: as long as you back up your arguments with the facts in the text, you can choose any viewpoint that makes sense.

3. Keep your point in mind by providing well-analyzed quotations

You would never write a science report without providing proof to back up your claims, so why should it be any different for an essay? Even though you’re not required to prove every idea you present with quotes, there’s still no harm in trying. A thorough reading of the quotations you make can help improve your understanding of the topic and is sure to impress examiners.

When selecting the ideal quotations for your essay, be sure to look for literary strategies that are specific to the author. For instance, you might discuss Curley’s wife’s use of rhetorical questions. For instance, she says, ‘An’ what am I doin’? In this room, I’m speaking to many stiffs of bindle »

The question « An’ what am I doin’? » signifies that Curley’s wife is very insecure and is asking herself questions about her choices. Moreover, the fact that she doesn’t expect others to reply to the question shows her plight.

Other literary techniques you should look out for include:

  • Tricolon is a phrase that consists of three words or phrases , which are positioned in close proximity to highlight
  • Tautology uses different words which mean the same thing like ‘frightening’, for instance, and terrifying.
  • Parallelism is an ABAB structure. It is usually a sign of change from one idea to another
  • Chiasmus – ABBA structure. Draws attention to this phrase
  • Polysyndeton – a variety of conjunctions within the form of a sentence
  • Asyndeton – the absence of conjunctions It can also speed up speed of the sentences
  • Polyptoton, a term that uses the same word with different meanings for the same purpose, e.g « done, » and « doing. »
  • Alliteration , repetition of the same sound. Other forms of alliteration are assonance (similar vowel sounds), plosive alliteration (‘b' », « d » and « p the sounds) along with sibilance (‘s’ sounds)
  • Anaphora: repetition of words. It is often used to highlight a specific aspect

Don’t be concerned if you’re unable identify all of these literary devices in the work in question – it’s possible to talk about more obvious effects, like metaphor, simile and onomatopoeia. The problem isn’t that big if you’re not able to recall all the names in the long list – it’s crucial to discuss the effect of the literary techniques and the relevance to the question than to use the correct terminology.

4. Make sure you are creative and unique all the way

Anyone can write an essay with the tips above, but the element that makes it « perfect » is your unique perspective of the subject you’re addressing. If you’ve seen something fascinating or unusual while reading You should mention it. If you find it interesting It’s likely that the teacher will , too.

Creative writing and essay writing are closer than you’d think. keep the notion of writing an argument or speech in mind and you’re sure to catch your reader’s attention.

It’s essential to define your argument in your intro, introducing your main points and the general direction that your essay will follow, but remember to keep something back for the conclusion, too. You must present your main points in a concise manner, but if you’re merely repeating what you’ve said in your introduction, your essay itself becomes meaningless.

Think of your final sentence as the point at which you conclude your presentation, the part all the other things have been leading towards, instead of your boring lecture at the final part of the entertaining stuff.

To get back to Of Mice and Men once further, here’s an example of the ideal distinction in the introduction from conclusion:


Within John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, the wife of Curley is shown as a confusing character. She could be described as a cruel at times, or seductive, or even a lonely woman who is being a victimized by her society’s behavior. Even though she seems to be the victim of a kind of sexual power, it is evident that Curley’s wife largely being viewed as a victim. This view is supported by the description given in her book of how she appears, other people’s opinions, her dreams and the sense of unhappiness and loneliness.


It is evident that Curley’s spouse is a victim. She is depicted in this way throughout the novel, including its descriptions of the appearance of Curley’s wife, her fantasies, other people’s judgemental attitudes, and her loneliness and insecurities. A character who was a victim and nothing else would be a one-dimensional character and Curley’s wife certainly isn’t. Though she’s affected in many ways however, she’s shown to assert herself through the manipulation of her femininity – a small protest against the exploitation that she suffers.

Both reference back to the topic and provide a summary of the main points of the essay however, the concluding paragraph adds something brand new, which was developed in the primary body of the essay . It also is more complex than the straightforward summary that is inside the opening.

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