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Energetic transition: German expertise propels Tunisia

The sixth Tunisian Energy Day was held on Wednesday 14 December 2016 in Tunis as part of the Tunisian-German energy partnership under the theme “The second phase of the energy transition”.

It is a multidimensional cooperation, especially as Germany is preparing to formulate its support for Tunisia’s electrical interconnection with Europe, said Minister of Mines and Energy, Héla Cheikhrouhou.

In her intervention speech, she emphasized this structuring project to avoid certain costly investments in the new generations, but also to maximize the energy efficiency of Tunisia.

This step is important, says the minister, as the energy transition is not only a challenge to produce electricity at the lowest cost, but also to guarantee sustainable electricity that will take into account another commitment, the creation Jobs and wealth, according to his words.

But how to achieve this balance?


According to the minister, the large-scale introduction of electricity generation through renewable energy will be achieved through two types of projects. “Projects that continue to be implemented by the Steg to 350 megawatt and 600 megawatt produced by the private sector,” said the official. This view is shared by the former minister with the head of government responsible for Coordination and Economic Affairs, Nidhal Ouerfelli, who pointed out that energy transition is a determining factor for economic transition.

“This transition will play a strategic role in responding to the new post-revolutionary needs of Tunisian citizens, namely the sustainable improvement of the quality of life, the creation of jobs and the development of the least favored regions, It raised.

For Ouerfelli, the achievement of this objective will involve the transformation of the energy system on the basis of two priority actions: the reinforcement of energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies.

To achieve this, this transition is called for to be collectively constructed, involving all the stakeholders and consolidating real cooperation with the partners.

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