Edubirdie Review 2022

The company is very popular with students and can be extremely useful in writing essays. In my opinion, the quality is acceptable. I have noticed a few strange sentences and a few Commas that were not properly placed, but it wasn’t an issue. Edubirdie’s costs are high because they claim they hire only native English language speakers. Also, you can choose the writer you like even though this is believed to be fake. Is Edubirdie scam? Find out in this article!

Service Review

What is EduBirdie? It’s touted as the best essay writing service, where every student gets prompt and professional backup from an expert expert in the field of study. It’s a good idea, but is it really true or is a company just trying to create an image of perfection? Let’s look into the issue. became involved in a scandal of scholastic cheating in the year 2018.

These YouTube stars, including Adam Saleh with 4,8 million viewers and British gamer JMX with a total of 2,4 million subscribers were under fire because the BBC reported that they were paid to promote writing services offered by the Ukrainian company.Read more Is edubirdie legit At website Articles They weren’t the only YouTubers who were involved in the controversy A 12-year-old YouTube celebrity with 200 000 followers was marketing the services, and it led to public outcry.

More than 1400 videos endorsing the company were exposed by the thorough investigation. YouTubers got hundreds of dollars for their videos in which they addressed the external assistance for learners who had difficulty in completing their difficult tasks. In reality, did the service have to spend money to improve the image of their service?

It’s true that the business needed justification for what happened. That’s why « Boosta », a parent company of Edubirdie stated that they allowed the stars to show their writing service to the general public. However, we’ve learned that this led to unexpected repercussions!

Is EduBirdie cheating? I’ve concluded that this helper to students doesn’t play it straight in order to gain respect among clients. This is why I have a few doubts as to whether or not you can be sure of it. In my research, I found some images of their experts, I discovered another omission. They’re using fake photographs of writers. Their prof Chris isn’t a true specialist in Linguistics however, he is a Medical Doctor.

Just check what I’ve found on the internet!

You can also seek out some specialists if want to find out the facts. Yes, you’re able to tell you that using dubious photos isn’t necessarily a sin, and their quality of assignments speaks for itself. However, the main point is that clients are supposed to be able to trust a business who they pay. Ruining a perfect reputation is an easy task, but regaining your customers’ trust is a lot more work.

Is there any benefit to doing it? Probably, no! Is EduBirdie scam? I’m hoping the company does not conceal their true experts at some point because the majority of students trust them and count on prompt assistance when writing papers in accordance with the numerous EduBirdie reviews which are online.

Pros and Pros and


  • Impressive range of services
  • Platform for students that is student-friendly
  • Good writing skills


  • High cost of services
  • Slow support response time
  • Not fit for complex assignments

Online reputation

Is EduBirdie good? Let’s check what people think about this aid to academics. Although the service has tried to portray a professional image by hiring Youtubers but it’s impossible to buy off ordinary college students. What I’ve read in the EduBirdie Reddit review.

There aren’t a lot of followers on Reddit as well as other reputable rating platforms. I’m pretty sure that this service isn’t as effective as it could be since I’ve read a lot of positive as well as infuriating reviews. You ought to know about the facts before deciding to purchase something from the website or for another alternative.


Is EduBirdie legit? It seems as though. There’s an extremely lengthy privacy Policy section as and the Terms of Use. Expect to spend at least an hour trying to know all the nuances of this website’s operation.

They claim they will refund the amount of money, but you will not find any specifics. If you visit their Money Back Guarantee page, you’ll see words of Nicole Harris, their QA Team Supervisor, but not specifics. The only thing you will find is vague language and that’s it!

If it’s about the quality of the jobs, they’ll double-check everything. My project was unique, However, after reading some of the reviews, I’ve discovered that the business doesn’t always function in a reputable manner. This makes it appear to me, EduBirdie is legit, but I’m not able to guarantee that it’s to be one of the best trustworthy and reliable academic assistance providers.

Services of various types

Is EduBirdie legal? It seems like. The website offers a vast variety of services that cover all needs in academics, such as:

  • Writing

    • Essays
    • Case studies
    • Admission essays
    • Research papers and term papers
    • Theses, etc.
  • Editing
  • Presentations
  • Spreadsheets
  • Calculations
  • Other services to write

The Process of Ordering

Does EduBirdie work? I’ve obtained a research paper from their writers, so I’m confident that it’s a legitimate company. To get the completed order you need to follow the steps in four ways.

  1. Include the paper’s details (paper type duration, deadline, number pages, style, etc. ).
  2. Select your preferred writer from bidders (you may chat with them to get their attention).
  3. Verify the order (add any extras, for example, a draft or a one-page abstract).
  4. Then add the money to your current balance (the money will be released once you take a final decision on the application).

Once your payment has been approved, feel free to kick back and relax while you wait for payment to be processed! The entire process took me roughly five minutes. Not bad, right? I appreciate every minute, so I’m not ready to waste time on the process of ordering. If you’re more careful than me when choosing the writer, you’ll have to spend longer on the ordering process. It’s your money . It’s also your choice.

Costs and Charges

How much do EduBirdie services cost? The cost depends on the work you need to do according to the time frame, the project, and the professional you select. I had to pay about $20 per page. I’m unable tell you more about their prices because I’m not sure the process. What I can do is to share what the price of other services is to make sure you’re not scammed.

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