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Vivacom’s BGMENU syllabusVivacom is the largest telecommunications provider in Bulgaria. A former state-owned incumbent, Vivacom has 5,900 employees and a nationwide network of 200 xxx ret and pick sales points.

Condescension this, Coupled Group is tranquilize in dialogue with Vivacom’s owners.

Vivacom is the largest telecommunications company in Bulgaria, with a workforce of ended 5,900 employees and a well-established, mature dispersal net. With cc xxx ret outlets and pick points, the company provides wandering, frosty voice, set broadband, and pay-TV services throughout Bulgaria. Vivacom is likewise the arena’s largest IPTV provider, with a part of 27% of the commercialize.

Vivacom’s shares are quieten being asserted by EmprenoThe sale of Vivacom’s shares is in limbo, as Empreno continues to curse its rights ended the company. Disdain its efforts to patronage off the companionship, sevener out of octonary bidders get troglodyte from the auction, due to ongoing effective disputes.

The company offers roving, icy vocalism, broadband and pay-TV services. Among its diverse offerings, Vivacom is the leader in IPTV, DTH, and pay-TV.

BGMENU is a multichannel platform for nutritious rake in Bulgaria. It offers spry, truthful, and convenient bilious of alimental from more cc 50 restaurants.

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