12 benefits of digital textbooks for students in grades K-12

As an educator, we’re all used to seeing hundreds or even thousands of books that are stored in your textbook room. Within those piles are obsolete editions that were printed prior to the time when new state standards were adopted. The books are in a state of disintegration or missing pages. Additionally, books have gone out of circulation over time. While K-12 schools have traditionally utilized printed texts, the schools are turning to the benefits of digital textbooks.

Are digital textbooks better than traditional textbooks? What are the benefits using digital textbooks? Check out the following article to learn what they do to make content easier to access, more enjoyable and even more customizable. Here are 12 reasons digital textbooks make the best choice for K-12 educators, students and schools.


In the words of the University of Michigan, 30 million trees were cut down in 2008 to print traditional textbooks. Trees eliminate harmful carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, which is essential for creating better air. When you use digital over physical textbooks and your school’s district can help create a more stable living, healthier, and safer environment.

Accessible anyplace

Printed textbooks can be forgotten at home or at school. The online versions, although, can be accessed on a computer or Chromebook or even a phone to ensure that there is no interruption to learn.Read here salmanzafar.me At our site

Learners and teachers can access eBooks anywhere from any device since publishers have made their eBooks compatible with a variety of devices. It allows schools to seamlessly switch between learning via hybrid, remote, and in-person learning as the content is available in various formats. Digital textbooks are also available for download for students to make use of them offline if the internet isn’t available.

Why should schools adopt digital textbooks?


When comparing traditional books versus digital textbooks. There is a cost element. E-textbooks are more affordable for schools, particularly when new editions come into the picture. When a textbook publisher comes out with a new edition, these must be purchased by the school or the district. Modern online textbooks unlike traditional textbooks have no significant cost for shipping or a price tag. It’s true that Public School Review found that the digital versions are 53% cheaper than printed textbooks.

Instant delivery

Through digital solutions, schools no longer have to order textbooks and have to wait around for the books to arrive into the schools. Online books are immediately available. Instead of having families and students wait in line to pick up their books could be downloaded onto the device. This is also an excellent solution if a school decides at the end of the year to purchase a new textbook or purchase books for specific learners.

Storage is not required

Imagine a world where teachers don’t have to find an area to accommodate stacks of traditional textbooks. With digital textbooksspace is opened up for learning centers , or greater student mobility in the classroom. Schools also don’t have to store textbooks that are new in rooms for textbooks, or spend an hour keeping track on each book.

Automatic updates

Typically, publishers update the textbooks for K-12 every year. After new editions have been written school libraries must purchase them, and wait for them to ship and store the books. Digital textbooks mean that every update is made at a time that isn’t requiring any downtime. That means your school district curriculum is up-to-date and aligned with current standards and events.

Why should teachers consider using digital textbooks?


Teachers can easily assess the progress of their students as they use digital textbooks. This allows teachers to personalize lessons and assignments for pupils or groups. The sizes of the fonts for online books are also able to be increased, and the brightness of pages can be altered up or down. Page colors can sometimes be inverted too, which aids some learners to comprehend the text more clearly. Reading-aloud versions are also available to assist students who require that assistance.


The textbooks online also give teachers the chance to collaborate students in class or permit them to communicate with one another. They are able to share notes, ideas , or questions directly through the digital manual or through an interactive online portal related in the textbook. Collaboration helps students learn more effectively and helps students understand content more efficiently.


Online textbook formats empower learners by giving them the chance to study at their own speed.

Students may visit hyperlinks which allow them to read more. It can help them grasp the concept or provide the further development of knowledge if they’re attracted to a certain topic. Learners can also bookmark pages while reading and immediately return to go over the material.

Online textbooks often include audio or video links. They can be customized for students who have different learning types. Many eBooks also include quizzes and practice questions based off of the chapters they’ve just read. Students can make use of these to manage their own learning without outside instruction.

Why are eBooks more beneficial for students?


Students are always immersed in technologies and online social networks. Another benefit with digital textbooks are that the structure mirrors how children absorb information in their everyday lives. By using digital textbooks in lieu of printed textbooks, school districts teach learners in the way that is most familiar to the students.


Another of the main advantages of digital textbooks is that they’re interactive. Kids and teens can’t make annotations on any printed book, but they have the ability to communicate with the online version. Teachers no longer need to make photocopies of pages from books in order to allow students to highlight the text and to make annotations directly in the text. Students can also search for important terms and then quickly add quotes to their notes.


When course materials are downloaded onto a device students don’t need to carry heavy textbooks in a backpack. This makes their lives easier because they are able to carry their language arts, math, social studies, science as well as other textbooks on one device.

The most effective option for school districts K-12

If your school’s district wants to revamp the technology integration in your school, consider the benefits of using digital textbooks in the classroom. Not only are they more affordable than traditional versions, but they also enable you to create learning experiences that are customized. Consider alternatives to printed textbooks, so you can teach your children wherever they are.

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